Martin Anderson - Belonging



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Martin Anderson - Belonging

Paperback, 88pp, 8.5x5.5ins

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The poems in this latest collection by Martin Anderson are largely concerned with the nature, from both a perceptual and ontological perspective, of continuing and intrinsic identities. We belong "To nowhere/to no thing/to the shortest abridgement/of air of word/to the cruel insignia/of our acquisitions". At the heart of all that we are, of all that we think, feel, see, touch, taste and smell, are 'shadows/pulled through/a world impatient/to sound'. A world, pregnant with meaning and language, which is, finally, a 'mirror colliding/with its reflection'. In the poems of this collection we encounter the spare and resonant soundings of such a world. A world in which there can be found an 'ideal music/of the purest memories'. Each of us, in our everyday lives, listens to and cherishes the consolations of that music.

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