Peter Hughes & Simon Marsh - The Pistol Tree Poems



Available only direct from Shearsman Books.

Peter Hughes & Simon Marsh - The Pistol Tree Poems

Paperback, 144pp, 9x6ins

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"By turns absurd, sophisticated, bawdy, tender, precise and sprawling, The Pistol Tree Poems captures the intellectual intimacy and infectious spontaneity of poetic collaboration at its white-hot best. There’s brilliance and ingenuity on display in every poem here — a searching co-intelligence shot through with moments of emotional intensity. Hughes and Marsh give you a buzz of discovery with every page turned, leaving you breathless for more. And more is what you find with each re-reading of these oxymoronically feather-light yet densely-packed poems. This is wide-ranging, deceptively deep-thinking, and brilliantly structured poetry disguised as imaginative twitches at the mind’s eye-corners — flickering, intense, innovative and utterly mesmerising." —Nathan Thompson


"As good as the movies." —John Hall

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