Peter Redgrove - The Beekeepers


Peter Redgrove - The Beekeepers

Paperback, 129pp, 8.5x5.5ins.

Introduced by Peter Ackroyd. Published by Stride, distributed worldwide by Shearsman Books.

What neglected powers lie behind the small phobias and fetishes, the minor perversities and self-inflicted accidents of ordinary life? Guy and Matthew decide to find out. For Matthew, however, it is a serious and urgent matter. He is an alcoholic, and has just had an appalling attack of the DTs. His family doctor severely warns him, but he is also given extraordinarily helpful advice by a more sinister doctor — 'think of bees'.

The two friends decide to help each other give up drink — by occult means. They will try to relinquish the ecstasies of drink and replace them with the visions of dowsing and spiritualism. It turns out that alcohol was a defence against deeper powers. Both men become superb dowsers, attracting swarming natural forces which are almost too strong for them. Both receive automatic writing from a murderous disemmbodied spirit. New thresholds of personality are revealed, but there is the sinister Institute for Study, also interested in bees, which is waiting to take advantage of these developments. Guy's wife Millie, a detached observer, is drawn closer and closer to the centre of these strange and terrible events.

The Beekeepers is an investigation of the magic and meaning of imagination. In it Peter Redgrove explores those forces which many consider to be 'occult' but which he believes to be natural forces concealed from our use by convention and timidity.


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