Peter Redgrove - The Facilitators


Peter Redgrove - The Facilitators

Paperback, 132pp, 8.5x5.5ins.

Introduced by Norman Jope. Published by Stride, distributed worldwide by Shearsman Books.

In this daring and ebullient novel, Peter Redgrove tells the story of the mysterious Institute of Facilitation, which is haunted by the elusive Director, Jacqueline Dimitrios, MD, who may be the richest woman in the world. She may also be dead, murdered, as her staff often pose as Madame Dimitros, and are instructed to deny they are not Madame. Undaunted by her mystery, three suitors enter the Institute on the pretence that they are patients, and require to be 'facilitated' until they are well again — they are in fact intent on marrying Madame's money. They are told that they must find in themselves a madness so strange that it will make Madame laugh aloud; then and only then will she marry the fortunate suitor.

The Institute was founded, the suitors discover, by a Dr David, who was blown to pieces in a terrorist bombing, but who may still be consulted in the cellar; and the members of staff include 'Sir' Geoffrey, a nude man who has discovered a new use for an old organ; and Daniel, a red-haired homosexual dwarf beemaster masseur who is mortally allergic to stings.

Much of the set-up may be a put-up job to conceal Madame's murder; nevertheless, the woman in charge declares that she will marry one of these men, and the reader is invited to guess who that might be, and why he is chosen. In this novel Peter Redgrove combines a fresh look at the mystery story and the psychological thriller with a strategy that declares that whatever desperate people may invent in fantasy, it can never be quite untrue.


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