Pura Lopez Colomé - Aurora



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Pura Lopez Colomé - Aurora

Paperback, 128pp, 8.5x5.5ins 
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Translated from Spanish by Jason Stumpf

Aurora was first published in Mexico City in 1994 by Ediciones Equilibrista, and was the author's third full-length collection. This edition offers the entire original text with a facing translation by American poet, Jason Stumpf.

Composed of five extended sequences, Aurora contemplates the pacts we make with ourselves, others, and nature in order to survive. The poems explore what happens when those bonds of trust and dependence are weakened or broken by infidelity, death, and time. In her writing, López Colomé combines a highly associative lyrical sensibility with an insistence on philosophical exactness.

"Pura López Colomé’s poems trace spare, vibrant arcs between the realms of matter and spirit, illuminating each with the light of the other. By means of a quiet yet fervent lyricism, at once celebratory and elegiac, they set out again and again on a voyage beyond self towards a site perhaps impossible fully to determine — mare magnum, 'first scene / of the next day.' It is our privilege indeed to be invited along." —Michael Palmer

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