New book releases from Roy Fisher - An Easily Bewildered Child | John Muckle - Little White Bull | Peter Riley - The Dance at Mociu

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New book releases from Alec Finlay & Ken Cockburn - the road north | Steve Spence - Maelstrom Origami | James Sutherland-Smith -Mouth

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New book releases from Martin Anderson - Obsequy for Lost Things | MTC Cronin - in possession of loss | Angela Gardner - The Told World

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New book releases from Jose Kozer - Tokonoma (bilingual edition) | Jose Kozer - Tokonoma (English-only edition) | Fernando de Herrera - Selected Poems

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New book releases from Trevor Joyce - Selected Poems 1967-2014 | Maurice Scully - Several Dances | Michael Smith - Prayers for the Dead

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The Shearsman online shop underwent a major overhaul when this site was redesigned in 2014. All books are now supplied post-free in the UK and, in most cases, shipments of 4 books or more will be post-free  elsewhere in the world. Given that the shop is still new, do let us know if you have any problems getting around it, or in and out of it.


Latest Reviews

  • Allan Popa - Drone

    Allan Popa is probably the Philippines’ most significant living poet, having published seven collections and teaching a new generation of writers at Ateneo de Manila University. […] Popa also writes and publishes in English, which Elmer Ordonez not... Author: Sophie Mayer 6 August 2014, 4:27pm Read more

  • Carrie Etter — Imagined Sons

    Carrie Etter’s third collection, Imagined Sons, is an intimate and searing set of poems. And much like its subject, once in these poems, there’s no getting out. 

    Author: Patricia Debney 6 August 2014, 12:28pm Read more