New book releases from Roy Fisher - An Easily Bewildered Child | John Muckle - Little White Bull | Peter Riley - The Dance at Mociu

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New book releases from Alec Finlay & Ken Cockburn - the road north | Steve Spence - Maelstrom Origami | James Sutherland-Smith -Mouth

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New book releases from Martin Anderson - Obsequy for Lost Things | MTC Cronin - in possession of loss | Angela Gardner - The Told World

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New book releases from Jose Kozer - Tokonoma (bilingual edition) | Jose Kozer - Tokonoma (English-only edition) | Fernando de Herrera - Selected Poems

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New book releases from Trevor Joyce - Selected Poems 1967-2014 | Maurice Scully - Several Dances | Michael Smith - Prayers for the Dead

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Latest Reviews

  • Allan Popa - Drone

    Allan Popa is probably the Philippines’ most significant living poet, having published seven collections and teaching a new generation of writers at Ateneo de Manila University. […] Popa also writes and publishes in English, which Elmer Ordonez not... Author: Sophie Mayer 6 August 2014 Read more

  • Carrie Etter — Imagined Sons

    Carrie Etter’s third collection, Imagined Sons, is an intimate and searing set of poems. And much like its subject, once in these poems, there’s no getting out. 

    Author: Patricia Debney 6 August 2014 Read more