How to Order Shearsman Book Titles

Trade Orders

With effect from from ISBN 978-0-907562-34-5 to 978-0-907562-99-x (and any ISBNs beginning 978-1-905700- or 978-1-84861- ), trade orders for our publications — which are produced on a short-run digital and print-on-demand basis — should be routed through Bertrams or Gardners Books in the UK, or through Ingrams or Baker & Taylor in the USA. For all older publications, orders should be made direct to the press where possible. Current titles by American authors are also available from Small Press Distribution in Berkeley, California. We can supply most current titles within the UK from stock, where necessary, although we would prefer that trade orders go through the channels mentioned above.


Retail Orders — Direct from the Press

Inland orders

Our online store opened for business in 2008, and accepts credit card payments through the Worldpay system. All UK orders are now post-free. Elsewhere in the world, depending on the zone you're in, it's free from £25 or £40 and up for a single order. Smaller offshore orders carry a postage charge which varies from area to area, but is likely to be between £2 and £3 for a single volume, unless that volume is one of our really large books, in which case it will be a little more expensive. We can also accept direct orders by mail, provided that full payment in pounds sterling accompanies the order. Again, it's free within the UK, but you should assume that postal charges will apply for small orders offshore, just as on the website.  We request that those wishing to order by credit card do so through our website, as it is more secure for all involved, and we have no desire to start storing such information.

Overseas orders

We recommend using the Shearsman online store or such other online outlets that stock our titles: The Book Depository in the UK (which accepts payment in Euros or in US$, which ships post-free anywhere in the world, and which always discounts heavily ahead of publication), amazon in the USA or the UK, Barnes and Noble or Powell's in the USA; Small Press Distribution in the USA, although the latter stocks only a part of our list—mostly, titles by US authors. Based purely on service, The Book Depository and Barnes and Noble can be safely recommended, and the former can be used by anyone, anywhere, at a very attractive cost. It is however now an amazon susbsidiary, for those of you who might have objections to that particular connection.

From UK Booksellers

Any bookseller in the UK can source books from us but, in practice, many will not order small quantities from independent publishers. Our books are available through their normal ordering channels, however, and don't let them tell you otherwise. If they say that the distributors are out of stock, tell them to order anyway: the system works very well and restocking happens very quickly—do not be brushed off by sales clerks who do not know what they are talking about.

99% of our list can also be sourced through online retailers such as Wordery,  Amazon UK or The Book Depository, which will assist those who wish to purchase by credit card and do not wish to use our own online store. Most titles are available within 24 hours. To us it makes little difference whether you use our own store or other online retailers. A sale is a sale.


Ordering Shearsman titles in the USA

A lot of our older backlist publications, and the majority of our titles by US authors, are available from Small Press Distribution, Inc., 1341 Seventh Street, Berkeley, CA 94710, USA. Tel: (510) 549-3336. SPD's full catalog is available online. We continue to place titles by US authors with SPD, but rarely place British titles there as there tends to be only a very small audience for these in the US.

All titles published in 2003 and later for which we have the US sales rights can be ordered through (which has the majority of our titles available within 24 hours), through other online suppliers such as Barnes and Noble (also 24-hour turnaround), or Powell's (but the latter tends to charge a premium), as well as through normal US retail channels. For orders direct through the Shearsman online store we can ship direct to buyers from our US printers, although we would request that such orders be for a minimum of two books. We find that Barnes & Noble frequently discount our titles at publication for about 2 weeks. so it's worth checking their site for bargains. In many cases it will be cheaper to buy from a US retailer rather than from us in the UK—this is particularly true for issues of the magazine.

The main wholesalers for Shearsman titles in the USA are Ingrams and Baker & Taylor. Exceptions to this are our David Jaffin titles, which are only available from SPD, as are some older backlist titles. Please note that the occasional title is sold in the UK only, where we do not have North American rights.


Ordering Shearsman titles in the Republic of Ireland

Some of our Irish titles, as well as Michael Smith's co-translations of Vallejo, are available from Books Upstairs, 36 College Green, Dublin 2. Books Upstairs will order titles from us when necessary.

Other publications should be ordered direct from the press or from online outlets in the UK.