Catalogues and stocklists

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2016 Catalogue & stocklist

(20 pages; 1.0Mb.) This catalogue includes all of our 2016 titles, barring 3 or 4 items where the publication datemay well be deferred until 2017. The file will not look good when printed, as all images are low-resolution for faster download.

To simply obtain an itemised list of all books in print as at the end of September 2016, plus an order form, go here (170Kb). This also includes some scheduled titles that have not been formally announced and have been delayed until 2016. These titles will appear  eventually however.

Shearsman Catalogue 2016

2015 Catalogue & stocklist

20 pages; 1.4Mb.

Shearsman Catalogue 2015

2014 Catalogue

20 pages; 1Mb.

Shearsman Catalogue 2014

2013 catalogue

26 pages; 1.4Mb.

2012 Catalogue

24pp, 1.9MB. 


2011 Catalogue

18 pages; 1.1Mb.

Complete catalogue, up to September 2011. Later books are in the 2012 catalogue.

2010 Catalogue

22 pages; 1.7Mb.

Complete catalogue for 2010. 

2009 Catalogue

32 pages; 1.3Mb.

Includes all titles issued in 2009.

2008 Catalogue

Includes details of all the 2008 titles. (1 Mb).

2007 Catalogue

Includes details of all the 2007 titles. (870 kb).

2006 Catalogue

Includes details of all the 2006 titles. (592 kb).

2005 Catalogue

Includes details of all the 2005 titles. (380 kb).