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Shearsman Books was founded in 1982, just a few months after Shearsman magazine, in order to offer collections to authors involved with the magazine. The press geared up substantially with a shift to short-run digital and print-on-demand production for most titles in 2003. We now have more than 500 volumes in print, and we expect to see this continue to increase by 40 to 50 books per annum. Download a complete list of titles in print, or catalogues for 2005 through 2015, by clicking Catalogues at the top of this page. This will take you to an intermediate page with details of all the brochures available from this site, including the final catalogue for 2015. We will be adding an initial 2016 catalogue before the end of February 2016. Downloadable PDF samplers from almost all of our publications are now available from this site and can be accessed from the books' shop pages or from the master lists of UK, US, Classic (etc) titles under the Books menu at the top of this page. In addition, we make some e-chapbooks, in PDF form, available for free download from this site. At the moment 22 are available, and they can be seen by clicking on e-Books in the menu.

January 2016 Announcement:

Prices for a number of our books have risen as of the end of January 2016, owing to an increase in print costs. Especially affected are those titles that have been based on unusual book sizes: we have two books already in an 8x8-inch format, with two more in development, and three in the 9.25x7.5-inch format. The prices for all of these will, alas, rise more substantially than will the regular list, where, in many cases, we have managed to aborb the extra print costs.